Software Development Tech Talk 2021

We hosted our second alumni panel webinar on March 2021, where we were joined by distinguished alumni from Waymo, Intel Corporation, and Deepnote to discuss prospects in the software and tech industry!

Spark Design Challenge 2021

We hosted our first ever virtual design competition on February 2021! Our two prompts for this competition were Product Design and Manufacturing and Optimisation! 

Product Design

Our theme for Product Design was to design a product that will help your dog get enough daily exercise without having to go outdoors due to the recent COVID-19 lockdown protocols.

Winner(s): Michelle Xu and Yiran Wang

Spark Alumni Discussion Panel 2020

We hosted our first ever virtual alumni panel webinar on October 2020, where we were joined by our distinguished alumni to discuss the importance and benefits of participating in the Skule community and design clubs!

Science Rendezvous 2019

We participated in the Science Rendezvous 2019, where we showcased some of our interactive displays to young children aspiring to become future engineers!

SolidWorks Design Contest 2018

The theme for our SolidWorks Design Contest 2018 was:

Beginner: To design an interactive , and reasonably manufacturable toy for children aged 3-7 thatis fun to play with! 

Advance: To design an interactive, reasonably manufacturable toy for children aged 7-12 that is fun to play with! 

Beginner Design

Winner(s): Hanna Eng

Advance Design

Winner(s): Subhang Nanduri and Vasant Batta

SolidWorks Design Contest 2017

The theme for our SolidWorks Design Contest was to create a reasonably manufacturable and compact furniture for micro-apartments of the future!

Compact Furniture Design

Winner(s): Chevis Dilbert and Namali Walisundara

SolidWorks Design Contest 2016

The theme for our SolidWorks Design Contest 2016 was:

Designing: Design a section of a Rube Goldberg Machine that takes rolling marble(s) as input, and outputs rolling marble(s) at a different location!

Modelling: Model one of the three objects, a mechanical hand drill, a mechanical can opener, or a compass to improve usage!


Winner(s): Addy Bhatia and Ridwan Howlader


Winner(s): Nikolas Crewson

SolidWorks Design Contest 2015

The theme for our SolidWorks Design Contest 2018 was

Beginner: To design and create a fully functional Disappearing Tricycle!

Advance: To design a gumball circulating system to transport the gum balls from the bottom of the machine to the top!

Beginner Design

Winner(s): Brandon Chu and Caiden Chih

Advance Design

Winner(s): Aakash Goal

SolidWorks Design Contest 2014

The theme for our SolidWorks Design Contest was to model an object representing “Campus Life at UofT!” This resulted in participants modelling interesting objects!

Piezoelectric Floor Tile

Winner(s): Michael Chiou and Shawn Wai Choy

Skule Cannon
Podium Stand
Thermo Testing Chamber
Con Hall Sundial