Spark Design Club

Dedicated to making big and bright interactive displays

It’s Sparktacular!

The Spark Design Club (a.k.a Spark!) builds interactive displays that are displayed all around our campus. Our club is run by a team of executives from various engineering disciplines who plan and design the displays. Every semester, we conduct workshops where our general members help us in making such amazing displays!

But wait… There’s more!

We also help out for specials events such as F!rosh week! We have collaborated with the Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA) club and You’re Next Career Network (YNCN) to designs displays. One of our displays has been showcased for YNCN Winter Career Fair and Start-Up Expo!

Besides, we also host the annual SolidWorks Design Contest, where students present their models to a panel of Skule Alumni and Professors.

4 years of helping out during orientation week

2 Club Collaborations

1 Engineering Society Award

Upcoming Projects

Our two projects for the 2020-21 academic year are the Reverse-A-Thing and Remy’s Quest! Stay tuned for the projects to come to life!
To see more of our past projects in previous years, click “View More Projects”.


This project is based off of the Mario Party 4 game “Reverse-a-Bomb!” Do not let the chef rat (yes, you!) get the bad food items on the conveyor belts!

Remy’s Quest

This project is based off of a vintage arcade game, Ice Cold Beer, where the objective is to tip the bar to navigate a ball into a specifically lit hole while avoiding all other holes!